Ensemble Igor & Zlati zvoki

Igor & Zlati Zvoki has been performing for over 20 years and is one of the more recognized groups of Slovenian tradional country music which at home and abroad.  Many television and radio stations home and abroad play many of their well known songs.  18 Slovenian and 12 German albums have been recorded over the years.  Not only has Igor in Zlati Zvoki performed in Slovenia, but have also performed in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, USA, Canada...
All members of the band are multi instrumentalists as well as four part harmony singing. Along with Traditional Slovenina country music, they also play all styles of music: latino, country, pop, rock, croatian music, Elvis show, ex-jugo... All music played is played "LIVE"!
With their international music program, excellent sound and light effects equipment, and multilanguage program hosting, are able to cater the needs of many different types of performances (concerts, graduation dances, parties...).
Igor in Zlati Zvoki would like to thankyou for all you support!
Band leader: Igor Podpecan  

Igor Podpečan - 041 636 953, igor.podpecan@siol.net